Monday, September 26, 2011


A highly successful businessman in his late eighties, was on his deathbed. Some of his family members and close employees gathered together and came to meet him. They asked him “Sir, tell us about what you have learnt about life and business”.

The old man said :

"I was very fortunate and did very well in my early years. By my late thirties, I had built a vast business empire. At that time , I was disillusioned to think that I was the real estate that I owned, the businesses that I ran, the bank balance I had, and the exotic fleet of cars I owned and proudly drove. I could not think of myself being separate from my wealth.

Then the great depression came, and most of my fortune was wiped out in just a matter of months. I was completely disheartened - for a while it felt as if I had died. I had to begin the business again from scratch. For a few years I struggled, and then business improved slowly. In another decade, I built my entire business again, piece by piece, just like it was before the depression. And then in a few more years, things really took off, and my net-worth became twice of what it was before the depression.

It is when I lost everything and then built it up again that I came to the deep realization that I was not my bank balance, my businesses, and all my prosperity. Rather, I am that invisible force - the power that creates all the wealth outside, at my will. Although the external prosperity could be taken away in no time, the real me, that magical, creative force, can never be taken away from me, simply because I AM THAT (force)"

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