Sunday, February 12, 2012

The King's Leather Sandal

A Maharaja decided to walk around his kingdom to see how are his people doing. Just few steps out of his castle, his foot was injured by a stone lying unseen on the road. He thought, "So the road in my kingdom is this bad. I have got to get it fixed."

Maharaja then summoned all his ministers. He ordered to have all the road in his kingdom be layered with the best of leathers. As soon as it was ordered, the ministers started getting the things ready, they gathered the cows from the whole country of the kingdom only to be made into leather.

Amongst such extraordinary busyness, came a wise renunciate came to see him. He said to the Maharaja, "O the Powerful One, why would you make have so much leather just to cover the whole roads spreading throughout the country when actually what you really need is just two pieces of leather to cover your soles?

Since that momentous time that the world invented what we call 'Sandal'


The world we live in is full of rocky roads. Which one do we choose, to cover all those roads with furry soft carpet so that we never have to encounter any pain or to cover our heart with a leather cover made of love, so that we can get through those roads safely?

To make this world a comfortable place for us to live in, sometimes we just need to change our perspectives, our heart, and ourselves, rather than changing the whole world.

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