Friday, August 31, 2007

Paper bags story

The voices of rose up, asking, pleading, begging... "I want this." "I want that." "Take away this pain." "Find me a wife." It was never-ending. One day God started to wonder if he could have made a mistake regarding how things were done. He decided to see what would happen if he tried something out in a large room full of people. Each person was given an identical plain brown paper bag which was big enough to place all their troubles and desires into, and then they were instructed to place their bag in the centre of the room. Once collected there, nobody could tell whose bag was whose.

God asked the people to go one by one and put their hand into each bag and feel what was in there. Each paper bag represented someone in the room's life, past present and future. Everyone could choose the bag that they liked the most, but they needed to choose carefully because what was in that bag would become their life.

A wave of excitement rippled through the room. One person thought how she could pick a bag that would solve her financial problems, another thought how they could have a cancer-free body, a tired old man thought how he could find the bag of the handsome young fellow standing beside him... and so it went on in the minds and hearts of the people.

As each person examined the contents of the whole collection of bags waiting there, everyone could see the expressions change on their faces. There would be smiles, and frowns, expressions of horror, and often tears. Finally they would find one that would bring a smile and a nod. The room felt electric with the anticipation of the whole group.

As each person decided on the bag they wanted, an angel carefully wrote their name underneath it, but then replaced it with the other bags, exactly where it had been.

After each person had had their turn, God asked for the angel to pick up each bag and call the name of the person written on it. Interesting, there was not even one duplication. Every bag had been chosen.

God asked them all if now they were happy, and each of them gratefully said yes.... wiser, as they walked home cradling the very same paper bag they had arrived with.


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