Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hidden Bliss

Among the villagers that live on the border, there was a family head who was very eloquent in speaking. One day his family horse without any clear reason fled to the North. Everyone tried to cheer him up. 

The family head said, "Will this sad event turn up to be happy event?" Few months have passed, and one day the horse returned back bringing back with him a very beautiful horse from the North. Everybody came to congratulate him. 

The man responded, "Will this happy event turn up to be sad event?" The family had owned another beautiful horse. The son of the family loved riding the horse. One day he fell from the horse and broke his leg. People came again to cheer him up. 

The head of the family again said, "Will this sad event turn up to be happy event?" One year later, a conqueror from the North came leading his army invading the borders. Everyone there who was still young went for the army. 

Almost 90 percent of the borders' citizens were recruited. The son of the man, as his leg was disabled, could not go for the war. Both the father and the son survived."

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