Monday, December 19, 2011

Threatening crisis

A president, a proffessor, a priest and an adventurer was flying with a private plane. However suddenly something unexpectedly bad happened to the plane during the flight. The pilot announced that the plane was in crisis and the four passengers would have to jump out using parachutes. However, there were only 3 parachutes available in that private plane, while there were 4 passengers abroad.

The first passenger, the president, stood up and said, "I am the president. My people and my country needs me. I'll take this parachute!", the president grabbed one and off he went. 

"I am a very highly educated man, and i play very big role in the society. My students and the society needs me, so this parachute shall be mine." said the second passenger, the proffessor. He then took several seconds whispering this to the priest, "Take this last parachute for yourself, teacher. Forget about that good for nothing lad". Hurriedly the proffessor grabbed the parachute and off he went.

The priest thought to himself, "I have always been teaching people to love others like how they love themselves and that is how i live...".So without further consideration, the priest said to the lad, "You, take this last parachute. My life is in His hands!" 

"Isnt there enough two parachutes for both of us?"the lad finally spoke up, "I think the proffessor was too tense and was in such rush that time that he grabbed the my backpack instead of parachute...".

When faced with urgent critical situation, one's real face tend to appear.

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