Saturday, December 17, 2011

Too Full to Learn

Nan Yin master is a very well known Zen master at that time of Ming dynasty. One day, he was visited by a scholar who came to ask about Zen teachings. 

Nan Yin master served him with tea. The master then poured the tea water to the teacup. Even though the tea water had filled the teacup, the master kept on pouring it in. 

The scholar observed it with perplexion. Finally the scholar broke the silence, "Master! The tea water have spilled over the table. Please do not pour in more!" "

You are just like this teacup," said Nan Yin master. "In it contains all your perspectives and philosophies. If you do not empty your cup first, how can i pour Zen teachings to you?"


Those who are full of their own opinions will be deaf to words of wisdom from others. In a discussion between two persons, what often happens is that each is intent on asserting his own views. As a result, apart from hearing his own voice or views, he does not learn anything else.

Be humble in learning and you will learn more.

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